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  1. Remote Resources & Grade Options Fact Sheet

  2. The Office of Undergraduate Studies' Email Directory

  3. Tutoring & Learning Support Services

    Free Tutoring and Student Success Programs

  4. Center for Academic Excellence

    Academic Advising Services and Programs

  5. Office of Honors & Scholar Development

  6. Office of Career Services

    Career-Related Programs and Opportunities

  7. HBCU Student Success Project

    Increasing degree attainment for all students and Reducing degree attainment gaps.

  8. We are here to help you succeed!

  9. Your Graduation is Our Motivation!

    The Office of Undergraduate Studies is here to help assure that you complete and graduate from your degree program in 4 years or less!

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Things to Know

Office of Undergraduate Studies, Got 15? Video Series Presents: Things to Know. The Office of Undergraduate Studies has many wonderful programs and Services.