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Study Abroad at the University of Oxford

Study Abroad at the University of Oxford

The Office of Honors and Scholar Development provides application assistance and advising to current sophomores seeking to study abroad at the University of Oxford during their junior year. A cumulative GPA of 3.8 is required.

Admission into the University of Oxford is lengthy, highly competitive and selective for visiting study abroad students; applicants should have another study abroad program selected as a back-up alternative. In addition, all students should contact and follow all policies established for study abroad through the Ralph Bunche Center’s HU Bison Abroad Program.

Students may apply through the following Howard-affiliated University of Oxford Study Abroad Programs:

Prospective applicants should contact by November 1 of the sophomore year, to begin the application process to Oxford for study abroad during junior year.

Theatre arts students interested in summer study abroad at the British Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oxford should contact the Department of Theatre Arts.