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Scholarship Training and Exploration Program (STEP)

The Office of Honors and Scholar Development provides training to Howard University students to compete for National Prestigious Awards and Fellowships. Students are invited to participate in the STEP program based on cumulative GPA. Students who do not receive an e-mail invitation can contact to register.


Download the STEP Program Description

STEP Program Description

One-Time Introduction to Scholar Development Workshop (January).

This workshop encourages sophomores to:

  • Develop a professional purpose

  • Develop leadership

  • Participate in the High Impact Practices of Study Abroad, Community Service, Internships and Undergraduate Research

  • Understand prestigious scholarship opportunities

Annual Pre-Summer Leadership Exploration and Design (LEAD) Retreat for Current/Rising Sophomores (May)

Weekly Scholar Enrichment Institute (SEI) Series (February-April), providing:

  • Exploration and discussion of several prestigious scholarships, including Rhodes, Marshall, Gates-Cambridge, Fulbright and several others

  • Engagement with program representatives and local scholars

  • Discussion with Howard senior finalists and recipients on the scholarship process

Individual Fellowship Advising and Screening for Prestigious Scholarship applications due in Senior Year (April)

Annual Fall Retreat for Senior Fellowship Applicants (August) providing:

  • Mentoring and professional development from Howard Alumni prestigious scholarship finalists and recipients

Endorsement and submission of Senior Fellowship Applications (October)

Senior Application Submission Celebration  (October)

Finalist Interview Preparation (November)

Senior Award Reception (April)