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Honors Programs, HUFS Scholars Community and Honors Societies

Honors Programs and Societies

There are four distinct and outstanding undergraduate honors programs at Howard University: the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, the School of Business Executive Leadership Honors Program, the School of Communications Annenberg Scholars Honors Program, and the Honors program of the School of Education.

HUFS Scholars Community

The Howard University Freshman Scholarship (HUFS) is a merit-based aid award, available to incoming freshmen and granted at the time of university admissions. Students are encouraged to work with OUS and university academic advisors and the Office of Financial Aid to maintain eligibility for the renewable award. ( )


HUFS Scholarship Information Sheet for HU Financial AId Office


In addition to continuing to monitor your BisonWeb Financial Aid account for information regarding your HUFS award, materials from the HUFS Scholars Community Forum is saved in the HUFS Scholars Community Folder on the Honors and Scholar Development Blackboard Community Site. Enroll in Honors & Scholar Community site to access here. (



The Honor Society Council (HSC) is a collective body of university-recognized honor societies, governed and coordinated by Howard University’s Office of Student Life and Activities ( Students convene for updates on university policies and intake procedures. For more information on HSC semester meetings or to ensure your organization's participation, e-mail