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The Keep Learning Plan for Academic Success



Please be sure to stay informed via the Howard University and Center for Disease Control and Prevention websites, about prevention of transmission and infection of the Coronavirus. Your safety is our main concern.

Let's Continue to Have a Successful Academic Year!

Howard University has temporarily transitioned instruction to remote online accessibility. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is prepared to continue to provide you with quality academic support to assure successful completion of your studies this semester.

Howard University “Keep Learning” Checklist

Spring 2020

  1. Carefully review the information provided by your course instructors, including how to access course lectures, webinars, assignments, and materials.  Please consult your instructor immediately if you have questions or concerns.
  2. Continue to attend class meetings virtually, submit assignments, and confer with your instructors to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress.
  3. Schedule a virtual academic advising or tutoring session.  Access Bison Adviser on the Office of Undergraduate Studies website.  Also be sure to view our “Keep Learning for Academic Success Resources” page.
  4. If you are a prospective May 2020 graduate, you must apply to graduate via Bison Web no later than Friday, April 3rd.  Also inform your instructors immediately so they are aware of your prospective graduate status so they can submit your grades by Friday, April 24th  deadline.  Your academic adviser will contact you regarding the final graduation clearance process. 
  5. If you encounter difficulty or experience challenges accessing academic support resources, contact your academic adviser as soon as possible  The sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner it will be resolved.
  6. Check the University website and your Howard University email daily for updates and information.

Your continued academic success is our priority and we look forward to partnering with you this semester! 


Below are resources we encourage you to utilize while you are away from campus.


Remote Resources


Please review the "Online / Remote Resources" document (left). This document is printable and will provide easy access to the online platforms your professors are most likey to utilize.

***Links are active once PDF downloaded. Click document for PDF Version.


The Center for Tutoring & Learning Support Services

The Center of Tutoring & Learning Support Services is committed to assuring that Howard students are provided tools that are necessary for effective independent study and information retention. Please review the list below of effective online resources the Office of Tutoring & Learning Support Services encourages you to utilize, in addition tot he study BISON Tutors have provided for you, during your independent study:


Remote Tutoring - Bison Tutor (Now Available)

Howard University undergraduate students can request a live tutoring session with one of our Bison Tutors. Click HERE to be redirected to Bison Adviser to send a request.

Download: SPRING 2020 Bison Tutor Remote Tutoring Schedule

Math and Science Study Sheets

During the 2018 - 2019 academic year, TLSS staff and BISON Tutors frequently discussed how to best equip Howard students with study tools outside of what is distributed and required by your professors. Click HERE for access to TLSS' Student Success Resource Page.


The Center for Academic Excellence and Other On-Campus Academic Advisers

The Center for Academic Excellence offers comprehensive academic advising services and programs for COAS students. Please make appointments with advisers in Bison Adviser.

All other students: Please contact your respective school or department regarding academic advising. You are advised to schedule appointments with your advisers through Bison Adviser, as well.


Resources for Studying

Chegg is a study resource for high school and college students that provides tools for studying. The site offers a free 4- week trial when you create a student account. 

Visit Chegg's website, here.

Quizlet is a free platform that makes studying fun by allowing you to upload content you have learned and create practice quiz, flashcards, and memory games out of the information.

Vist Quizlet's webiste, here.

Course Hero is a tool that allows free access to study tools when you post your study tools to the site.

Visit Course Hero's website, here.

UnHangout provides peer to peer communication for students. Students can watch lectures together that are prerecorded or other videos online and participate in live discussion.

Visit UnHangout's website, here.

Organizational Tools

Trello is a user/student-friendly online platform for project management. Trello is an ideal resourse for communicating with classmates and monitoring progress.

Visit Trello at

Online Meeting and Class and Classwork Access

ZOOM Downloads

Download the Zoom App for your respective mobile device.

Android - Download ZOOM ApplicationApple - Download ZOOM ApplicationJoin a Zoom Meeting

Access Howard's Blackboard Community

Login Here

Students in Need of Testing Modifications

The Office of Undergraduate Studies wants to assure that all students who are in need of additinoal academic support are provided services that are specific to their learning experience. Please fill out this form if you are in need of modifications for your final exams.

Fill Out Form Here