Precious A. Smith, MA

Ms. Precious A. Smith Precious A. Smith, MA Deputy Director, Center for Academic Excellence

Precious A. Smith is a self-motivated professional with almost 20 years of experience in education administration—both secondary school and higher education administration. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Ms. Smith has always had special interests in helping others earn the best education available and implementing her organizational skills at all levels of education.

Upon graduating from college and receiving a Master of Arts in Teaching, Ms. Smith went on to teach overseas and ultimately become a director of Multicultural Enrollment and Services. Through cultivating and sustaining relationships with schools and programs around the country, in the last 15 years she has held successful education and finance leadership positions including:

  • Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising
  • Associate Director of Office of Financial Aid
  • Coordinator, Freshman Scholarship Programs
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Boarding Programs

Ms. Smith is an energetic public speaker with core competencies in program development, strategic recruitment, training and curriculum development, budget and portfolio management as well as leadership facilitation. An effective communicator with diverse populations, she is a results-oriented professional with proven expertise in coordinating positive exchanges among diverse stakeholders. Each of her previous roles have awarded her the opportunity to excel not only professionally but personally through various academic affiliations. Ms. Smith does not just set out ambitious goals—she motivates people to deliver. She is a fan of the small liberal arts institution approach to student achievement, but a veteran of the large institutional advising model that seeks to communicate with students on a regular basis and provide an evolving menu of available resources for students to choose.

Ms. Smith wants to provide the opportunity for students to take control of their own education and succeed, both inside the classroom and outside, in life.