OUS Staff Phone and Email Directory

Office: 2nd Floor, Carnegie Building (202) 806-4029 undergraduatestudies@howard.edu

The Office of Undergraduate Studies has highly qualified individuals that are prepared to meet your needs and address any inquiries about the department. Each staff member has a unique skill set that enhances the work of the office and the experience of the faculty, students and staff that we serve.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS)

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu (202) 806-4029

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu/cae (202) 806-4029

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Faculty

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu/cae-courses (202) 806-4029

Center for Career Education, Development and Research (CEDAR)

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu/cedar (202) 806-7513

The Office of Honors and Scholar Development (OHSD)

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu/ohsd (202) 806-4029

The Office of Student Success and Transition (OSST)

undergraduatestudies.howard.edu/osst (202) 806-4029