CEDAR: Innovative Partnerships with Global Employers

Office: Room 206, C.B. Powell Building, 525 Bryant Street, NW (202) 806-7513

At the Howard University CEDAR Center, we are moving forward with our tradition of excellence in connecting our students with top employers and career opportunities in the United States and throughout the world.

Through innovative partnerships with global employers, the CEDAR Center uses a didactic approach to career and life planning that encourages constituent job seekers to be proactive, purposeful and persistent in their pursuit of success by engaging in career development activities that will equip them to make the transition from school to work as industry trailblazers and global leaders.


CEDAR objectives include:

  • To facilitate the holistic development of Howard University students and alumni as they navigate the lifelong process of exploring, accessing, and managing successful careers.
  • To equip students with the requisite tools to successfully matriculate and embark upon a career search campaign with skill and confidence.
  • To provide students and alumni with direct access to career opportunities through career fairs, on-campus recruitment interviews, web site information and links, employer information sessions, workshops, and coordination of various networking activities.
  • To deliver effective career development training programs to educate students on trending career development issues, challenges, and advancement strategies.
  • To develop and manage quality working relationships with student organizations, corporate partners, academic institutions, alumni, and faculty that support the Center’s mission in the mutual satisfaction of the needs of all constituents.

For more information on CEDAR: www.howard.edu/careerservices