Center for Career Education, Development & Research (CEDAR)

Office: Room 206, C.B. Powell Building, 525 Bryant Street, NW (202) 806-7513

The Center for Career Education, Development and Research (CEDAR) provides dynamic programs and services that educate and empower students and alumni to chart successful career paths with skill and confidence.

Welcome to Howard University …

Dr. Joan M. Browne Joan M. Browne, PhD Director, CEDAR

Welcome to Howard University and the Center for Career Education, Development & Research (CEDAR). At the start of this new academic year you stand at the threshold of a life of success and accomplishment greater than you have ever dreamed or imagined. You are among an enviable group of people who have been afforded an opportunity to explore options, make monumental life decisions and chart courses that will position you to be the future leaders of the world. What an awesome opportunity!

Opportunity, however, comes with great responsibility. As the future leaders of America and the global community, it is now your responsibility to study hard, work diligently, plan effectively, and matriculate successfully, having been the watchful stewards of this great opportunity. By doing so, you join the ranks of scores of such notable trailblazers as Thurgood Marshall, Vernon Jordan, Toni Morrison, Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, Lynn Whitfield, Elijah Cummings, David Oliver, Taraji P. Henson and countless others who continue to make stellar contributions to alma mater and the wider community.

To ensure that you are well equipped to face the world of work upon graduation, the CEDAR Center and its staff stand ready to assist you in achieving a clear and accurate understanding of yourself, provide guidance as you explore the numerous career options at your disposal, and, ultimately, bring you in direct contact with hundreds of the nation’s leading employers.

Take some time to become familiar with all of the outstanding career fairs, workshops, corporate presentations, internship opportunities and other programs and services we offer. Visit the office and meet with a counselor, have your resume critiqued, sharpen your interviewing skills, interview with employers of your choice, and ready yourself to face the world of work with confidence.

To the entire student population, here’s to a successful year ahead.

Joan M. Browne
Joan M. Browne, PhD
Director, CEDAR