CAE: Student Success Counselors (SSCs)

Office: 2nd Floor, Carnegie Building (202) 806-4029

CAE’s Student Success Counselors work in collaboration with faculty advisers and professional advisers to provide retention counseling for targeted student populations.

Student Success Counselors:

  • Are trained student success counselors who work collaboratively with assigned schools/colleges’ professional advisers and faculty
  • Offer specialized retention counseling for HU scholarship recipients, conditionally admitted students, and students experiencing academic difficulty
  • Utilize an integrated Student Retention System to monitor and track student academic performance
  • Employ targeted, high impact approaches for improving retention:
    • frequent communication,
    • systemized review of academic performance;
    • intrusive counseling techniques,
    • development of individual academic success plans
  • Coordinate within the OUS, Student Affairs, and schools/colleges comprehensive “wrap-around” services that support consistent academic progress
  • Engage “Early Alert” Systems that will facilitate strategic intervention and support by faculty, academic support and student services

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