CAE: Course Descriptions

Office: 2nd Floor, Carnegie Building (202) 806-4029

The Center for Academic Excellence offers courses that are designed to help students develop the skills necessary for meeting their academic goals.

Placement in ACAD 014 (Basic Math I) and ACAD 015 (Basic Math II) are based upon students’ math placement scores.

Other CAE Courses focus on improving reading (ACAD 003), writing (ACAD 008, ACAD 302), and college study skills (ACAD 007).

ACAD 003: Reading Improvement

Develops reading comprehension by focusing on ability to identify main and supporting ideas. Emphasizes such methods as vocabulary development, context clues and outlining. Increases comprehension rate.

ACAD 007: College Study Skills

Students acquire skills and techniques necessary for successful adjustment to performance in college-level courses.

ACAD 008: CAR-Verbal

Provides a systematic review and reinforcement of English skills necessary to develop a student's ability to write effectively. These skills include basic grammatical concepts, effective sentence structure, and paragraph development and short essay development.

ACAD 014: Basic Math I

This course includes a review of arithmetic and an introduction to algebra. The topics include operations on rational numbers, linear equations, linear inequalities, word problems, exponents, and polynomials.

ACAD 015: Basic Math II

This course is a continuation of Basic Mathematics I. The topics include factoring, rational expressions, linear equations in two variables and their graphs, systems of equations, roots and radicals, quadratic equations and applications.

ACAD 302: Academic Communication

Addresses the needs of students who have a GRE-W score below 4, which indicates that they demonstrated some deficiencies in formal, analytical writing.

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