CAE: Becoming a Tutor

Office: 2nd Floor, Carnegie Building (202) 806-4029


  • Applicants must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • It’s preferable for the tutor to have achieved an A in the course; there may be cases where we would consider a B
  • 3 hour (max) time commitment per week per tutee
  • Must attend all tutoring workshops and training
  • Tutoring experience desirable, but not necessarily required


  • Meet with students promptly at pre-scheduled times and locations
  • Help students master course material by coaching them to independently complete their assignments
  • Maintain current and accurate records of hours worked
  • Review the tutor manual and sign the confirmation form denoting your understanding of the material listed
  • Must be available to tutor between 2pm to 9pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Application Materials

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