Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

Office: 2nd Floor, Carnegie Building (202) 806-4029

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) provides specialized retention counseling and academic support services that promote undergraduate academic excellence. Services include retention counseling, virtual and face-to-face courses, workshops, and programs that support student success.

We are so happy to have you here …

Ms. Precious A. Smith Precious A. Smith, MADeputy Director, Center for Academic Excellence

Welcome to the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), where our staff is dedicated to making your educational experience of value to you on both an academic and a personal level. CAE is the umbrella under which an expanding and engaging list of academic support services are offered: academic counseling, choosing a major, tutoring, time management, internship preparation, and more.

Our student success counselors are committed to helping you unravel the mysteries of your academic journey—whether you are still searching for the discipline that will best suit you and your goals or you need to discuss the best course to meet your degree program requirements. We are here to help you ask and answer the essential questions about your academic program and how we can best support your drive to the finish line of graduation and your degree.

The Center for Academic Excellence was created to provide a holistic and university-wide approach to your academic and educational success from the time you enter HU until you graduate and move on into the great things that await.

We look forward to working with you to get the most out of your four years at Howard!

Precious A. Smith
Precious A. Smith, M.A.T.
Deputy Director, CAE

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