ARC: Professional Advisors: Expectations

What to Expect of Your Advisor

Students have a right to expect their advisor to:

  • Have posted reasonable office hours of availability throughout the academic semester
  • Maintain appointments with students on a timely basis
  • Be knowledgeable about educational program requirements, curriculum, and professional and career opportunities within their field of expertise
  • Be knowledgeable about academic requirements, institutional policies and procedures to ensure academic success
  • Seek information they do not know or refer you to the appropriate campus resources as needed

What Your Advisor Expects of You

Students have a responsibility to:

  • Read and understand the academic policies and procedures contained in official Howard University publications and on its official website
  • Consult with their advisors during registration periods for course scheduling and any program modification
  • Inform their advisor of any academic difficulties, program or career changes
  • Maintain scheduled appointments with their advisors and be prepared for advisement sessions with any supporting documentation or materials which could assist the advisor
  • Provide advisors with feedback and follow through on advisor recommendations as needed

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