ARC: Finding an Academic Advisor

Students enrolled in all undergraduate schools and colleges are assigned advisors to assist them in planning and following a given educational program of study. An advisor’s assistance is invaluable in helping students define a given program of study or career goal.

If you have declared a major, see the advisory/registration information and the name of the advisor in the tables below.

If your major is undecided, go to the Advisory Center, Office of Student Services/College of Arts and Sciences, or Dean’s Office in your school/college for a consultation.

The advisor’s signature is required on all registration cards, change of program forms and related academic forms.

The College of Arts and Sciences 2441 6th Street NW (202) 806-6700

If you are in the College of Arts and Sciences, visit the COAS Advising webpage for additional information on finding your academic advisor.

The School of Business 2600 6th Street NW (202) 806-1500

Mr. Samuel S. Paschall (202) 806-1577

Ms. Karen Hampton (202) 806-1575

Ms. Tyana Wilson (202) 806-1504

The School of Communications 525 Bryant Street NW (202) 806-7694

Students whose last name begins with A-E:

Ms. Bernadette Williams (202) 806-4044

Students whose last name begins with F-Z:

Mr. Lincoln Brown Jr (202) 806-7355

The School of Communications Academic Advisory Center can be reached by phone at (202) 806-7980.

The School of Education 2441 4th Street NW (202) 806-7340

Students whose last name begins with A-E:

Dr. Sylvan Alleyne (202) 806-7522

Students whose last name begins with F-J:

Dr. Velma LaPoint (202) 806-6514

Students whose last name begins with K-O:

Dr. Ura Oyemade Bailey (202) 806-6515

Students whose last name begins with P-T:

Dr. Hakim Rashid (202) 806-0613

Students whose last name begins with U-Z:

Dr. Veronica Thomas (202) 806-9093

For additional information, visit the School of Education's advisor information page.

The College of Engineering, Architecture, & Computer Sciences 2366 6th Street NW (202) 806-6565

Students in the department of architecture:

Mr. Edward Dunson (202) 806-7424

Students in the department of chemical engineering:

Dr. Ramesh Chawla (202) 806-6624

Students in the department of civil engineering:

Dr. Kimberly Jones (202) 806-6570

Students in the department of electrical and computer engineering:

Dr. Mohamed Chouikha (202) 806-6585

Students in the department of mechanical engineering:

Dr. Sonya Smith (202) 806-6600

Students in the department of systems and computer sciences:

Dr. Legand Burge (202) 806-6595

The College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences 516 Bryant Street NW (202) 806-5431

Students in the nursing program:

Ms. Charmaine McKie (202) 806-4859

Students in the clinical laboratory program:

Dr. Marguerite Neita (202) 806-5632

Students in the health science program:

Dr. Richard Levinson (202) 806-5776

Students in the nutritional sciences program:

Dr. Thelma Baker (202) 806-5648

Students in the physican assistant program:

Ms. Karen Wright (202) 806-6012

Students in the radiation therapy program:

Ms. Adrienne Harrison (202) 806-5920

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