OUS: HU General Education Experience

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The University-wide Core Curriculum was initiated in Fall 2001 as part of the Strategic Framework for Action to ensure that all Howard University undergraduates acquire effective skills in language, mathematics, the use of computers, critical thinking and communication.

The General Education Experience

The University-wide Undergraduate Core Curriculum, is comprised of courses, totaling 23-27 credit hours, that reflect the following formal themes:

  • intellectual openness and cultural diversity;
  • historical awareness (the African American cluster requirement will be retained and may be used to fulfill this goal of the Core Curriculum);
  • empirical analysis;
  • quantitative literacy and statistical reasoning;
  • social and human relations;
  • and health and physical education.

Goals of the General Education Experience

The goals of the core curriculum include:

  • proficiency in verbal and analytical skills, and
  • knowledge and application of discourses which promote intellectual openness and cultural diversity, historical awareness and empirical analysis that result in informed and compassionate understanding of social and human relations.

Schools and colleges with specific core and general education requirements have augmented such requirements to ensure their compatibility with the University-wide Core Curriculum guidelines. The dean’s office of each undergraduate school or college maintains the listing of courses that fulfill the University-wide Undergraduate Core Curriculum.

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