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All students are required to complete certain core courses to meet University requirements and school/college requirements. In addition, students must meet specific requirements for their major and minor.

Be sure to include the required courses in your schedule first, and then work your electives in around them. Keep track of your progress every semester to make sure you meet core course requirements.

ALL undergraduate students

All undergraduate students must complete at least:

  • Two courses in English composition
  • One of the following Afro-American studies courses:
    • AFST 101: African World
    • MUTP 100: Blacks in the Arts
    • AFRO 005/006: Introduction to Afro-American Studies
    • ENGL 054/055: African-American Literature
    • ENGL 054/055: African-American Literature
    • POLS 006: Pan-Africanism
    • FASH 102: African-American Dress
    • ARTH 193: Black Body Dress and Culture

MOST undergraduate students

Most undergraduate students must also complete specific courses in:

  • College mathematics
  • Freshman orientation
  • Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences
  • Physical education

SOME students

Some students must complete courses in:

  • Speech
  • Foreign language
  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • Writing

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