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There are many advantages to finishing your bachelor’s degree in four years. Register for 15 credits every fall and spring semester; use the summer session to catch up if needed, or to get ahead.

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Tips for graduating in four years:

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor or a Student Success Counselor at least twice a semester and develop a plan. Remember, your goal is to graduate in four years.
  • Choose a major and stick with it! Meet with your advisor about new academic interests!
  • Register for 15 credits every fall and spring semester. Use the summer semester to catch up if needed, or to get ahead.
  • Make school your priority and work your schedule around your classes, not the other way around.
  • ASK FOR HELP (your Advisor or a Student Success Counselor would LOVE to help you!)

You Will Save Money*

Taking 15 credits per semester at Howard costs the same amount of money as taking 12 credits. That’s like getting a free class every semester! And the savings get even bigger compared to a student who only attends part-time. The average 4-year degree is approximately 120 credits. You will save over $23,000 if you take 15 credits a semester vs. 12 credits a semester!

MATH (tuition and mandatory fees are $23,970/year or $11,985/semester)

  • 120 credits / 12 credits (per semester) = 10 semesters ($0 savings and 5 years to graduate)
  • 120 credits / 15 credits (per semester) = 8 semesters (save $23,970)
  • 120 credits / 18 credits (per semester) = 6.6 semesters (save $35,955)
  • 120 credits / 20 credits* (per semester) = 6 semesters (save $47,940)

*available at same rate as 12 credit hours for eligible students.

You Can Make Money

As soon as you graduate, you open the door to better jobs that weren't available to you before. When you graduate, you could be earning more because you have a college degree. Let's compare the earnings of an average student position to the type of position you could be eligible for as a college graduate:

  • Student Position: $11.00 per hour x 25 hours per week=$275 per week/$1100 per month/$13200 per year.
  • College Graduate Position: $45,000 per year salary (average wage with Bachelor's degree), plus benefits and paid time off.

That’s a difference of over $31,800 per year! This is money you could use to pay off debt, save for a down payment on a house, take a tropical vacation, or just eat something besides Top Ramen. By graduating in four years you can get moving in your career and reap the benefits.

You Can Experience Life!

As amazing as college can be, college is meant to prepare you to live a fulfilling life off campus. If you take an extra year or two to finish college, that's time you don't have to pursue other worthwhile activities. What dreams do you have? Do you want to get a graduate degree? Travel? Volunteer? Graduate in four years and get on with your life!

Helpful Links

  • The Office of Undergraduate Studies is committed to helping Howard University undergraduates achieve their academic goals. From retention counseling to career development programs, you are always just a click away from accessing an array of services and opportunities.
  • HU Office of Student Financial Services: Planning to graduate in four years means you need a financial plan, too. Talk with a HU Student Financial Services representative to create your personal four-year college financial plan. With financial assistance, you can concentrate on your studies, work fewer hours and finish college faster!

*NOTE: HU may charge an Excess Credit Surcharge for students having over 125% of the credits necessary for their degree, subject to conditions set forth in SBOR policy R510 Tuition and Fees.

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